Year +1: A Year of Incredible

Year +1 - A Year of Incredible: Today it is twelve-months to the day since I had my kidney transplant, and it's been one of the most amazing, exciting and challenging years of my life. It was only after I had my life-changing operation that I started to understand what life as a transplant recipient was really going to be about.


Day +10: Origins

Day +10: Origins. In contrast to my outward facing 'fitness freak' persona, many have asked how I ended up chronically ill and eventually on the slab receiving a kidney transplant. The story began two decades ago and my my eventual diagnosis which was due the curiosity of a particular GP I saw by chance and his desire to do good by his patients. Thursday was a day where I was waiting and did practically nothing - this is an appropriately long read.

Day +5: Drugs and Blessed Relief

My life had already irrevocably changed for the better, but there was a lot of information still to take in. The staff knew it was front-loading their patients and to take it easy by drip feeding the essential aspects of their care that was to be self-administered. The Doctor warned me that I was now a very different beast from the one that entered hospital seven days earlier and that it would take some getting used to.